Rock Your Pencil Skirts in a Casual Outfit

Introduced by Christian Dior in the late 1940s, pencil skirts became vastly popular particularly as office wear or as a part of a suit. Today, the pencil skirt is still a favorite in the corporate setting for its clean, tailored lines, adding a necessary formality that is required of corporate wear.

With more interest in fashion fanning out as a form of self-expression, barriers are continuously being torn down as new and unconventional ways of dressing up come to the surface.


Amplified Tshirts by B Famous

Sport the ultimate rocker-chic look by pairing a graphic rockband tee with a lace pencil skirt. Wear your hair in an updo with fringes to add to the edginess of the ensemble. Finish with a pair of oxfords.

Get her look:

Pink Floyd Amplified Tshirts


Pink Floyd Amplified T-shirt  $37.50                  Burberry Lace Skirt $850


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